A couple of days ago I returned home from the United States. It was my first trip overseas in over eight years and the first trip I had taken on my own in a very long time. I went on my first SendOutCards Convention. I joined SendOutCards as a Distributor last year not really knowing or understanding what I was joining. All I knew is, it ignited something deep within me and filled me up with hope and possibility. I watched a 10 minute video with a man named Kody Bateman in it sharing his story of why he created the company in the first place. There was a mention of residual income and being part of a team. I didn’t understand what residual income meant, all I knew at that point in my life is that I wanted to do something different. I was burnt out and sick of trading time for dollars (another new phrase I have since learnt!) I wanted to be surrounded by positive people who would support and encourage me.

So when the Convention was announced last year that it would be in Salt Lake City – home HQ in late September I bought my ticket, put it on my vision board, wrote the dates in my dairy, organised for the kids to stay with their Dad for the week and ultimately booked my airfare and accommodation. I was going no matter what.

I didn’t have too many expectations and wanted to arrive and let it play out just as it was meant too.


Why I loved it so much…..

  • It was called Defining Moments and my week was filled with them. The point being I was able to recognise these moments in time and stop and say Thank you!
  • The CEO of SendOutCards loves to Rap and write Rap songs. The music was amazing and infiltrated your soul.
  • I met the best people, funny people, successful people, humble people, kind people and people you just wanted to be around.
  • Salt Lake City was beautiful. It was surrounded my massive snow capped mountains. It gave me strength every time I looked up at them.
  • The sky was blue.
  • The customer service was impeccable. You were kindly greeted as you walked into a shop. It was genuine, not pushy.
  • Shopping. It was fun to have saved up and then buy yourself some cool things that were great value.
  • Walking.
  • What I learnt. I learnt that I can do anything when I believe in myself. It just takes a switch in your mind where that self doubt and worry can dissipate in seconds. I would look at the top income earners and say to myself we are the same, they just believe in themselves and take action.
  • Being part of something that is bigger than myself. Collectively we can change more in this world, even when we take baby steps or giant leaps. It all counts and makes a difference.
  • I feel different, I am thinking differently and I am forever changed.

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