Ten weeks ago things began to unravel.

It was a weekend that the kids were staying at their Dads place and on the Sunday morning I caught up with a school friend of my Mum’s for breakfast, someone who has known me my whole life. We sat in a quaint little corner store café that retained so many original fixtures and concepts, chatting and catching up on each other’s lives. When the conversation crossed over onto my business I could feel the tears starting to swell in my eyes. I knew I was delving into choppy waters. I could feel the overwhelm start to bubble up to the surface.

We discussed some options I could take. Should I start looking for part-time work to supplement my business or are there other services I could offer that would create another stream of income. Or should I walk away from my business altogether and look for a full-time job? This one discussion was the key that unlocked something in me that was scary, raw and unfortunately the fall I was hoping I would not have to take once again.

This is not the first time this has happened to me and thankfully I am now more aware of the signs.

Being aware is the first step.

I love this quote from my business mentor, Angela.


As much as I often don’t want to feel, I know that there is no other way to learn and grow from this experience.

Life continued as normal. My children most likely unaware of what was happening to me. Those that came into contact with me, had no idea. On the Wednesday I hosted one of my monthly networking groups as usual. Putting a smile on my face, facilitating the group, navigating my way through the motions. But I could feel the heaviness, like a fog slowly wrapping itself around me so that I couldn’t see or think clearly. That afternoon I had my Mastermind Group Coaching Call. I have been a part of this Mastermind for just over a year now and I trust these ladies with my life. When it was my turn to speak, it felt like my volcano erupted. All my fears, worries, overwhelm and stress came out through the tears and sobs as I tried to express what I was feeling. This act alone helped me immensely. There was huge sense of relief that I wasn’t alone and I didn’t have to carry this burden on my own anymore. Together we came up with a set of very simple strategies I could do so that I could take baby steps forward.

The next morning I attended a new networking group that I joined late last year. It is called Women Getting Results and it is run by an incredible woman, Caren Hendrie. Even though I am in the early stages of building relationships with these women, I always feel welcomed and included. Caren shared with us an incredible exercise that helped us write our new story – our “Ultimate Identity Statement”.


I wholeheartedly embraced this exercise, even the yelling out of my new story amongst twenty other women yelling out their new story too! Our homework for the next 10 days was to read our new story out loud every two hours from the moment we woke up till the time we closed our eyes at the end of the day.

This one “Ultimate Identity Statement” exercise alone had such a positive impact on me during this time that I would love to share it with you also. To access the worksheet and instructions, please click here or on the image below.
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For the next two weeks I continued to get up in the morning, do what I had to do and then go to bed when the kids went to bed. I wasn’t feeling inspired about much at all. The procrastination kicked in big time and the fog was not burning off mid-morning like it does on a cold winters morning. I just couldn’t figure out what I was going to do. I searched on Seek for potential part time jobs, but intuitively I knew that wasn’t the answer. So I gave myself time, permission to empty out my brain and heart through solitude and reflection.

Then on the 9th Match I attended a half day workshop. It was run by Caren Hendrie from Women Getting Results. It was called Prime your Prospects™. I decided to completely immerse myself in this workshop. I was really excited about the content and Caren always delivers dynamically so it is exciting and fun. My phone was put in my handbag and I had a fresh notebook ready to be filled. I didn’t have any expectations about this workshop, but I felt a tingle of excitement that had been missing in my life for the past few weeks. It was great. I connected with some lovely business owners, I wrote down pages of notes and something inside of me shifted.

I got into my car after the workshop and started to drive home. After about five minutes or so I had to pull over. I had this incredible pull to start writing and drawing. For me it felt like I was having a download. I am very intuitive, but I can’t say I have experienced this type of download before. This felt like I had pressed a button and a very large file was downloading. I sat on the side of the road for a while, not really sure how long as I continued to unlock something I had been thinking about in my head for over 12months. All the pieces were falling into place. I now had clarity.

That night in between normal life I continued to write and draw in my notebook. I kept going till I filled up ten pages of notes. Over the coming days, my model was becoming clearer and my vision stronger. It felt like a major breakthrough. It was a major breakthrough.

Blog Post 28.4.17 - Image2

Fast forward to today and each day I am getting stronger and feeling that spark starting to ignite. I didn’t go from rock bottom to feeling amazing as result of this breakthrough, but I am moving forward. I am now ready to launch the next phase of my business. I am calling it YRMM – MarkII. I have completely changed who I would like to work with and how I want to deliver my value. Most importantly I am beginning to build up my self-worth again so that I can serve those most aligned clients that need what I have to offer.

If you would like to use the exercise on creating your own “Ultimate Identity Statement, please download it here. This was shared to me by Caren Hendrie and she has given me permission to share it with you too.

Have you had a similar experience like mine that you would like to share?

This blog post is the first in a series of twelve that will be published in the lead up to the launch of my new programs. And to celebrate the kick-off of my series I have created a closed Facebook Group called Client Connection Counts. It is my hope to provide a community for you to learn about client connection and how you can apply it to your business, to connect with other like minded business women who want to value and appreciate their clients and to share stories of how client connection has positively impacted your business and life.

You can request to join here >>> Client Connection Counts Facebook Group

I would love to hear how you go with your “New Identity Statement”, please ask any questions you may have or share any experiences you have with the exercise.

Next week I will be delving into the topic around confidence and connection with your yourself before you can connect authentically with your clients.

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  1. You are inspirational in your acceptance of the ‘bad days’ and you refusal to be held down by them. Sarah, I have no doubt of your personal success, and also that this process you are offering will contribute to my own success. Thankyou for being You.

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