I know I am not the only one who loves an impressive visual, whether it be a photograph, a great use of fonts or an on trend logo. In today’s world we are bombarded by visual content all day, especially while we scroll through our Facebook, Instragram and Pinterest feeds. It is because of this, we need to create visual content that stands out in the crowd, cuts through, looks professional and most importantly I think, makes us feel good. It needs to connect visually and emotionally.

In my last post I delved into the topic of self-confidence and how this can impact the connection you have with your clients. Self-confidence also flows through to creativity. I know many people who tell themselves they are not creative, but I know that with a little help, direction into which tools to use and the willingness to try, these people can create some amazing visual content, that they can be proud of.

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I love this quote from Maya Angelou and completely agree. When we are in flow with our creativity, our ability to create content becomes effortless and much more enjoyable.

I discovered when I was quite young that I was blessed to have the creative gene. You name it, I have tried it. I do love embroidery and cross stitch, but have not done much for a while now. These days I am able to express my creativity through the visual content I design for myself and clients, photography and writing.

A pivotal point in my creative journey was the launch of a new online design tool called Canva in 2012. At this stage of my life and business I was investigating whether to purchase expensive software like InDesign and Photoshop, but to be honest I was a little scared of the steep learning curve required to master the skills needed to achieve what I was looking for. I wanted a software that enabled me to tap into my creativity and be able to design simple graphics like Quotes for social media or take photos and use them in a creative way.

I distinctly remember pre-registering for Canva and the moment it became live I was hooked. I often say that Canva changed my life and I don’t say this flippantly, it has. It opened my world to possibility and it allowed my untapped creativity to soar. Almost 5 years later, I have created thousands of designs and would have to say that Canva is my #1 favourite design tool.


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It is for this reason, I love sharing Canva and helping others create visual content like marketing collateral, blog post images, social media content and so much more. With a few simple strategies, you too can create on-brand visual content that looks professional, but also connects on an emotional level.

I believe there are number of elements that need to always be considered when creating content that connects and converts:

  • Set an intention & purpose for every piece of content and create it with love. You can see content that has been slapped together without much thought.
  • Visual content should resonate with you on an emotional level. When visual content is in alignment with your values and you connect with the images, colours, patterns or textures you will be inspired to find the copy that compliments the visual content with ease.
  • Find a design tool that you enjoy to use and practice using it, so you build confidence in your creativity. My #1 design tool is Canva. I do most of my design work on my laptop & large monitor. If you love using your phone, WordSwag is a great design app to consider.
  • Work out what is your brand essence is. This includes your logo, colour palette, fonts and some pattern elements.
  • Consistency in your look & feel. By using the elements from your brand style guide you can create images that become recognisable to your brand.
  • Don’t rush when creating content or think that will do. These thoughts will come through in your visual content. If you are struggling with the design, I always recommend taking a break and coming back to it with fresh eyes.
  • Set yourself some time to batch your content, so you can get into the creative zone and really tap into the intention you have set for your visual content. Also when looking for images save a collection based on colours, themes or objects that you can tap into when you are ready to get creative.

If you would like to know the steps I take when sitting down to create a piece of visual content that connects and converts using Canva, then I invite you to download my free checklist. I take each of these steps to ensure that every piece of content I share with the world is something I love, is visually pleasing, tells a story and is on-brand. You can download my Create Visual Content that Connects & Converts Checklist using Canva as my gift to you.


Click Here to Download Checklist


To share my knowledge on visual marketing, relationship marketing or social media, I have created a new Client Connection Counts closed Facebook Group. I share what is working for me and my clients, latest trends and tools plus it a great way to connect with other like-minded women in business. If this is of interest to you, then please pop on over and request to join.

For those who would like to work with me to help them tap into their inner creativity and learn how to use my #1 design tool Canva, please consider my new creative session – Create Visual Content that Connects & Converts. Once we have worked together you will have the confidence to tap into your own creativity using Canva as a design tool, freeing up time and energy for you in your business. You can use the tips and ideas to create authentic content that will help you build stronger relationships with your prospects and clients, resulting in a more profitable and meaningful business.

Don’t forget to download your free Create Visual Content that Connects & Converts Checklist!

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