Hope is not a Strategy, a phrase I recently heard from a business woman I really admire, Caren Hendrie. I attend her monthly networking group Women Getting Results and she will mention it at least a couple of times each month.

It got me thinking about the strategies, systems and processes I have in my business or you could say the lack of. For the past twelve months I have been relying a little to much on hope. The results as you can imagine have not been all that I desired. I would have many a strategy, system or process floating around in my mind, but it was rare that I would commit to any on paper.

Often I could see prospects slip through the cracks or I would have an ad hoc approach to my social media and there was definitely no consistency in my business.

So for the past little while I have been implementing some strategy, processes and systems into my business. Examples include:

  • An Instagram strategy and process
  • A weekly blog/email strategy and process
  • A weekly planning worksheet
  • Tracking my numbers weekly


Not only have I been producing way more consistent content, I am also saving time because I am following processes. I have gained so much more confidence, because I can see the results in my weekly tracking. I am using Bitly for all my links, so it really encouraging to see how many clicks I have or to see my email list growing in Mail Chimp.

Blog Post 8.6.17 Image1

It is my plan to implement many more systems and process that will ensure that my strategies will come to fruition. In fact my new program which I will be releasing in a couple of months is based on just this. It was developed as a result of what I was missing in my business and I also discovered was missing in many other businesses too. I will be sharing more on my Next Step Program in coming weeks.

As part of my twelve week blog series, I like to compliment the blog post with a freebie. This week, I have created an “Instagram One Page Plan” download that shares my system for creating weekly content for Instagram. I have been trying out a new look and feel in my feed, that I must say I am loving. In the past I would only post when I had taken good photos, often when traveling or visiting nice places. This meant that I would post a lot for a while and then nothing for ages. It also meant that there was no cohesion with my business. The result now, is a curated selection of content that consists of domain free images, my photos and quote images that I design on Canva, my #1 design tool. I also use the Plann App, a new tool for me, which has been a game changer to design my feed in tiles of 9 and it helps me upload my images, caption copy & hashtags with a few clicks on my phone. You can see how it works below.

instagramschedulingappforiosandroid (1)

{Image via Plann App)

If you would like to download my “Instagram One Page Plan”, then please click here.

Each week in my Facebook Group “Authentic Marketing & Client Connection” I take a deeper dive into each of my weekly blog posts. I share lots of tips & tricks to help you create visual content that connects & converts, relationship marketing, social media and so much more. I would love you to join us!

What is your favourite business system or process that has helped you in your business?

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