This is the first blog post I have written for my own business. It feels exciting, but equally as scary.

It has been a dream of mine since I was around 10 years old to have my own business. I used to love playing offices at home and in my Dads office during school holidays. I distinctly remember standing on the train platform in high school, when one of my friends said “Sarah I can see you with a brief case going to your office when you grow up”. This comment filled me with promise and hope of what my future would hold.

quoteFast forward 30 years give or take and I am launching my next chapter business. Your Relationship Marketing Mentor is not my first business and it may not be my last, but today I have more clarity than ever before and this is a new feeling for me.

I know I am not alone in admitting for the past 10 years I have been on a quest to find my purpose is in this lifetime. This has been a lot more prevalent since having children and leaving my corporate career. Whilst I always knew there was more I wanted to give and I also knew that I was given certain gifts that need to be shared with the world. I also discovered along the way, that I love marketing and all things business. Yes this is what I studied at University and have worked in for the majority of my life, but I also feel comfortable in this playground. I love creating and coming up with ideas that will help others move forward towards achieving their goals.


“Continuous effort, not strength or intelligence is the key to unlocking our potential”

Liane Cardes

So after much soul searching, many major life events and a big leap of faith I can’t wait to share with you my dreams, hopes, insights and stories that I know will help you with your business, but also enrich your life.

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