I believe that when we take steps of courage in the pursuit of more confidence we can better connect with our clients. I don’t believe they can be mutually exclusive. For me this is another reminder that a positive mindset is to integral to success in our business.

In my last post “The Breakdown before the Breakthrough” I had so many people reach out to me saying how much they can relate to feeling a lack of self-confidence and self-worth. It confirmed to me once again I am not the only one who feels this, goes through this and learns constantly from these feelings.

I know this past year when things have been at times wobbly, I would retreat from my clients and hope that things would be ok. I was worried that I was not serving them properly and that they would think I wasn’t good at what I do. But it was so much more than this, for me it came down to be not feeling good enough, worthy enough.

Deep down I know I am good at what I do, but that little voice in my head, or in recent times the very loud voice would make me doubt myself and my abilities. I would self-sabotage and disconnect further from my clients and other relationships in my life.

For me the first step to growing my self-confidence is awareness. I believe this to be the case for many others.

Awareness that I am good enough.

Awareness that I am worthy or success.

Awareness that I need to be kinder to myself.

Once I had awareness, I gave myself some space to feel and heal. It was in this space that I was able to get clarity on where I wanted to take my business. I reduced the noise, trusted my intuition and gratefully received the ideas and concepts that were making their way into my consciousness.

Slowly my confidence became a little stronger each day.

The next step for me was to re-launch my business, put myself out there, share my story and start re-connecting with my clients. Have I heard back from all my clients? No, but that is ok, because I did reach out to them authentically and for me, this was the hurdle I had to bravely jump.

As part of my twelve week blog series I offer a freebie that compliments the blog post. This week I have created a “Courage to Confidence” poster designed around a collection of self-confidence themed quotes & statements that really resonated with me. You can download your copy here. I turned to a great resource for inspiration in creating this poster, an e-book by Angela Raspass called “Increase your confidence & self-worth”. You can download your own e-book and audio version here. I also used Canva, my favourite design tool to create this poster. It is my hope that you can print it off as a reminder that you are worthy of success and achieving all your hearts desires.

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If you would like to join me in my new closed Facebook Group, Client Connection Counts we would love to have you. In this group I expand on the weeks Blog and share ways in which we can authentically connect with our clients, prospects and referral partners.

Next week I will pivot into creativity and visual marketing. I will share with you my top tips for creating content that connects and converts.

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  1. Morning Sarah, thank you once again for your wonderful words, they resonate so well with me. I have so much work to do and will keep working on me!

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