Rehearsal Dinner

Angela Raspass

I’ve admired Sarah’s innate visual marketing skill and brainstorming prowess for some time and so when she launched the Bloom Inner Circle, I knew I wanted to be a part of it.

We meet each month to generate new ideas to support my marketing focus and goals and summary strategy document and subsequent visual content that she creates and delivers after each meeting is beautifully on brand. But that’s not the most valuable part of her service.

Having access to Sarah’s creative brain in these strategy sessions is what I most value – her ideas are fresh and innovative and bring a new dimension to everything I am doing in my business.

Rehearsal Dinner

Frances Prat

Sarah at Bloom with Sarah is a STAR! She has helped me get serious about my online brand, images and marketing. She has been able to get to effortlessly get to the heart of me, my business and my tribe and show this in words, pictures and ideas.

This has given me a more consistent and on message presence that has been noticed, commented on and converted to business. Her strategy advice for my marketing has opened up new opportunities and is always welcome.

I look forward to working more with her.

Angela Negro

Angela Negro

Sarah is an absolute godsend! From all the way over the other side of the world I know I can count on her to keep me on track and organised with my marketing content even when I start to wobble.

Sarah has this amazing knack of just getting what I stand for, who I am, who my clients are and what I need (but I think it’s from the really savvy questions she asks in fact) and putting it into gorgeous images that are consistent with my brand. Sarah you have the most pertinent and amazing ideas for tweaking content and pulling key bits out to repurpose that I would never even dream of.

I thank HEAVENS the day I had the good sense to start working with you a year ago or more and I’m not letting you go!

Rehearsal Dinner

Melissa Mills

Sarah gave me permission to step away from using one single branding colour and unleash my creative spark to create marketing collateral with some additional colours that align perfectly with my personality, love of bright colours and vision for my business.

I am so grateful to Sarah for following her dream and creating the Canva course as it has enhanced my confidence in designing social media and marketing communications, that help me attract and engage with my ideal clients. Canva is a fantastic and easy to use design tool and I would highly recommend working with Sarah to use it within your business.

Rehearsal Dinner

Kate Hewet

When I started up my own business I knew nothing about anything really…the industry, sales, marketing or even computers if I were to be completely honest. It was a daunting, but exciting time of my life. Changing from the career I had always known and diving into the great unknown was … a little scary to say the least. I tried hard to go it alone but eventually I realised that I needed help.

When Sarah came onboard it felt as though the noose had been cut from my neck. I could breathe again and I felt as though I had a partner in the business. She passionately took it on as her own and drives it as though it’s her own business.

Social media as I’ve come to understand it is a huge part of my business marketing and having
Sarah to create my content has been an amazing relief. We meet weekly and she keeps me to task. She plans all of the social media content for the week, creates initiatives for the business to help drive people to my website and generally trouble shoots here and there. I really don’t think there is anything that she doesn’t know.

I am learning so much through her and I no longer feel as though I’m dragging my feet and
drowning. I can’t think of a better way to describe her than a business mentor. And now a friend.

Rehearsal Dinner

Linley Cornish

My momentum in business had stalled, and I was lost as to how to do the most basic marketing, I had never been without clients before, leaving me feeling overwhelmed and like a failure.

Sarah accepted my fears and worries and created simple, exquisite and creative ways to connect with others, with those I am most aligned with. I now have a platform to launch my ideas from, and a way to have connecting conversations. Thank you wonderful Sarah.

Rehearsal Dinner

Sarah Gillis

I have just started working with Sarah but have already reaped the benefits. Our strategy sessions have helped me organise my disparate thoughts and ideas into a manageable action plan, providing me with peace of mind knowing that everything has been captured and diarised. It has made the big blob of ideas manageable. In preparing marketing material for my recent conference, Sarah designed a striking lead page that clearly represented my brand and message, and provided all the data and images in a visual impressive format.

Sarah supplemented this with newsletter templates which looked professional and consistent. Knowing that I have the support of someone with the marketing background and ideas of Sarah, who can implement a range of visuals that support my marketing plan, saves me time energy and worry.

Rehearsal Dinner

Helen Suchting

Sarah has been a god send to our association. We are a not for profit with volunteers managing our marketing and social media. The task was becoming onerous and findingmembers who were willing or had the skills to help out was becoming difficult. A friend recommended Sarah and we have not looked back.

Initially we engaged Sarah to help us with our marketing strategy for the coming year, but that soon moved to us engaging her to manage our social media and marketing on a monthly basis. She has brought brand consistency, a breath of fresh air and every time I talk to her about something, I become inspired and excited about her suggestions and the potential for Nia Australia to grow through her recommendations. The best is yet to come!

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