Hi, I’m Sarah,

and I believe that we all have a chance to Bloom. I also believe that I am here to help you make it happen.


What does to Bloom actually mean?

For me personally, it means that you have the courage and confidence to show up in the world and share your business with pride. But it is more than just showing up, it is showing up in a way that is authentic to you, connects with your people and has you and your brand shining.

    This is super important to me because for 12 years or so I have been trying to Be Seen & Shine, but I haven’t always had the clarity, courage or confidence to make this happen.

    Here’s a quick re-cap:

    I started my first business when I was 10 making jewellery.

    I studied Marketing and ended up in the Hardware Industry for 10 years, where my role before having children was the Business Development Manager for Bunnings.

    I decided to leave corporate when I had three children under 26 months. Crazy right, my daughter was 26mths when I had twin boys.

    Since then I have tried to create a business that allowed me to share my true gifts with the world, made my heart sing and serve those that I actually felt connected to and enjoyed working with.

    It took me 12 years to create this business.

      It has certainly been a journey and it is only now that I can truly appreciate the gift that it is.


      I am walking this path right alongside you and to be honest I am really excited about my next chapter.

      Are you ready to create content that connects?

      Are you ready to create content that is visually beautiful and on brand?

      Are ready to consistently know what & when to post so that conversations happen easily with your most aligned clients?

        Sarah has helped me get serious about my online brand, images and
        marketing. She has been able to effortlessly get to the heart of me, my business and my tribe and show this in words, pictures and ideas. This has given me a more consistent and on message presence that has been noticed, commented on and converted to business.

        Frances Prat


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